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Word List - Conjunctions

If your texts have lots of repetition, try to use some conjuctions on them. Look at the examples and see the diference:

Last night I went to school, I washed my car, I rented a DVD.

Using conjuctions:

Last Night I went to school then I washed my car, after that I rented a DVD.

Here there's a list of very useful ones. I hope you like of this idea.

See you guys!

  • Conjunctions
    but / still / however
    especially / mainly / particularly
    as / because / since
    so that
    then / after that
    that's why / so
    either ... or
    after all
    of course
    though / although / even though
    as soon as
    as long as
    finally / eventually
    in spite of / even so / all the same
    perhaps ...
    above all
    neither ... nor
    first of all
    for example / for instance

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