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Olá pessoal, fiz esta versão para o Inglês do texto “Crônica do Amor” de Arnaldo Jabor, crítico, cineasta e jornalista carioca, espero que gostem! :)

Love Chronic

Nobody loves other person for the qualities that she has, otherwise the honests, nice and nonsmokers would have a line of interested people knocking on their door.
Love isn’t close to do a sum, doesn’t obbey to reason. The true love happens for the empathy, magnetism, for a stellar conjunction.
Nobody loves other person because she is poilte, well dressed and is Caetano’s fan. That’s just reference.
We love for the smell, for the mistery, for the peace the other gives you, or for the torment that causes.
You love that sassy. You wrote a dozen of letters that she didn’t answer, you gave flowers that she let dry.
You like rock and she likes chorinho, you like beach and she hates sun. You hate Christmas and she hates New Year, even hating you both match. So?
So, she has a way of smile that let you paralyzed, her kiss is more addictive than LSD, you love arguing over her and she loves pick you on. This has a name.
You love that jerk, he says he’s coming and doesn’t call, he puts the first rag on he founds in the closet.
He can’t stay a week on the jobs, he is always broke, and is a little womanizer.
He doens’t have the slightest vocation to chaming prince and even so you like him.
When his hands touches the back of your neck, you just melt like butter. He plays harmonica, loves animals and writes poems. Why do you love this guy?
Don’t ask me, you are smart, read books, magazines, newspapers. You like the Coen brothers and Robert Altman’s movies, but you know that a good romantic comedy has its worth too.
You are pretty. Your hair was born to be shaken on a shampoo commercial and your body has all its curves on their place. You are independent, steady job, have a good balance in the bank, you like to travel, music, you’re crazy about computers and your fettucine ao pesto is unbeatable.
You’re always in a good mood, don’t nag all the time and love sex. With a resumé like this, girl, why are you without a love?
Oh, love, that fox. I wish love wouldn’t be a feeling, but a mathematic equation:
It doesn’t work like this...
Love doesn’t requires prior knowledge, even a SPC consult. We love just because of the indefinite things from love.
Honest people exist of millions, there are a lot of generous men and women, good drivers and good parents. It’s raining people like that. But nobody can be the way that the love of your life is! Think about it.
Asking is the more effective way of deserving. It’s the biggest possibility of who needs.

Arnaldo Jabor

quinta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2009

Expressões com cores

He is green – Se por acaso você estiver lendo um texto em inglês e se deparar com essa frase, não se assuste. Provavelmente, o texto não está descrevendo nenhum marciano e nem caracterizando o incrível Hulk.
O adjetivo green nessa frase se
refere a cor da fruta quando ainda não está madura. Por esse motivo, essa expressão é utilizada para falar que alguém ainda é imaturo, ou inexperiente para fazer algo.

Observe os demais exemplos:
We can’t ask him to do this work, he is still green.(Nós não podemos pedir a ele para fazer este trabalho, ele ainda é inexperiente.)

My friend would like to work in an office, but she is green.(Minha amiga gostaria de trabalhar em um escritório, mas ela é inexperiente.)

A cor Green também é utilizada para dizer que alguém está com inveja.

My neighbor got green when she saw my new car.(Minha vizinha ficou verde de inveja quando viu meu novo carro.)

Há outras expressões em inglês que também utilizam cores como metáfora:
- red: irritado, bravo

Ex.: She is red because she lost her wallet.(Ela está irritada porque perdeu sua carteira.)
- blue: triste, deprimido

Ex.: They were blue yesterday night.(Eles estavam tristes ontem à noite.)
Keep on studying guys!

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